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By James Pechloff, DDS
May 03, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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Protect your child’s molars from cavities with dental sealants.

The best way to protect your little one’s teeth from cavities is to make sure they are brushing and flossing regularly. Of course, despite Child sealantsbrushing regularly it can be difficult to clean those grooves on the chewing surfaces of their back teeth (also known as molars). As a result, these chewing surfaces are more at risk for developing cavities. One way our Wauwatosa, WI, dentist Dr. James Pechloff can protect your child’s smile from cavities is by placing sealants on their molars.

What are dental sealants and how do they work?

Sealants are thin, plastic coatings that are applied over the chewing surfaces of back teeth to seal out food and bacteria that can easily get trapped in these ridges and grooves of these teeth. These coatings are clear or tooth-colored so they aren’t visible when you smile.

When should my child get sealants?

Not only can children benefit from sealants, but also teens and adults who are at an increased risk for developing cavities. It’s never too late to talk to your Wauwatosa, WI, family dentist about whether you could benefit from sealants. Of course, the earlier sealants are applied the better.

Your child’s first set of molars will usually come in around the age of 6 and their second set of molars will come in anywhere from 11-12 years old. At around six years old you’ll want to ask your family dentist whether or not it’s time to place sealants. Getting sealants is quick, easy and completely non-invasive. Plus, getting sealants could actually save you time and money in the long run because it could prevent the need for a dental filling in the future.

How are sealants placed?

Once our family dentist has cleaned your child’s teeth and dried the molars we will apply an acidic solution over the chewing surfaces. This solution is designed to roughen the surface of the tooth so the sealant sticks to the tooth. Once the solution is rinsed off and the tooth is dried, we will then paint the plastic coating over the tooth. Then a special light will harden the sealant in place.

Have your child’s back teeth just started to come in? If so, it’s the perfect time to call our Wauwatosa, WI, dental office to let us know that you want your child to get sealants. We can easily place them during your child’s next cleaning.

By James F. Pechloff, DDS
February 09, 2015
Category: Oral Health
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Find out how simple preventive treatment could preserve your child’s healthy smile.

It’s surprising that about 33 percent of children deal with dental decay by the time they start school. While decay can easily be prevented through proper brushing and flossing habits, children and adults alike still suffer from this dental issue. However, there are Sealantsother ways to make sure that your child’s smile is safeguarded against decay. Your Wauwatosa dentist recommends that all children get sealants to protect their healthy growing smiles.

What are sealants?

A sealant is made up of thin plastic resin that is directly applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth, most often the molars, for protection.

How do sealants protect teeth?

This plastic bonds instantly to the back teeth to provide an additional barrier of protection against decay. This is especially important for children, who may find it difficult to get into those hard-to-reach spots in the back of their smile. Even if your child does brush every day it can still be hard to get all the nooks and crannies on and around their molars. Therefore, sealants create another layer to prevent cavities and protect the enamel from acid erosion.

What does getting sealants entail?

This procedure is painless, non-invasive and won’t require anesthesia. Your Wauwatosa dentist will simply paint on the sealant, which will instantly bond with the tooth and harden. That’s all there is to it!

How long do sealants last?

Since sealants are designed to hold up under the heavy forces of chewing, they will last a few years; however, to make sure that the sealant is still working, your child will want to visit the dentist routinely so we can check the condition of their sealants and reapply them if needed.

Who should get sealants?

Your Wauwatosa dentist highly recommends that children get dental sealants. When you child comes in for routine care we will discuss when a good time might be to get them. We also recommend sealants for teens, as well.

If you want to find out more about sealants or if it’s time to schedule your child’s next appointment, call your Wauwatosa dentist, Dr. James Pechloff, DDS today! Let’s give your child the added security they need to maintain a cavity-free smile.