By James F. Pechloff, DDS
April 21, 2014
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Over the years teeth can become less resilient. This isn’t due to age. We chew, bite, crunch and munch denturesare way through food, and excessive bite pressure can start to wear down the enamel and tooth’s structure.
Plus, dental decay and dental trauma can also accelerate damage to enamel, causing a chipped, fractured or knocked-out tooth. As the years go by, you may have experienced one or more of these dental problems.
For example, let’s say you are now missing multiple or all teeth. What’s one of the most conventional and effective ways for treating tooth loss?
The answer—full/partial dentures.
Why Should You Get Dentures in Wauwatosa? 
While dental implants are available as a permanent solution, some patients do prefer dentures.
With the help of modern technology and materials, dentures are better than ever, and the advantages are clear:
  • Denture materials are crafted to closely resemble your natural teeth
  • Replacing every missing tooth will benefit your health and facial structure
  • Dentures are a quick, effective fix for tooth loss
  • Dentures can improve oral health
Do you want to know more about dentures available at our Wauwatosa dentist office? Please call us at (414) 475-5505.