By James Pechloff, DDS
March 06, 2019
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How's your smile doing? Are you concerned about missing teeth? If so, why not consult Dr. James Pechloff, your dentist in Wauwatosa, dental implantabout dental implants? Firmly anchored in your jaw bone, dental implants supply unparalleled oral function and smile aesthetics. Read more about them here!


Fixing that smile gap

During a consultation at our Wauwatosa office, we can determine if dental implants are right for your particular oral health needs. A critical piece of your treatment plan is careful visual evaluation (a CT scan and examination) of your jaw bone and overall oral health. For an implant device to take hold and bond successfully to your jaw, you need an alveolar ridge dense enough and wide enough to withstand biting and chewing. If the bone is weak, Dr. Pechloff may recommend augmentation with donor bone or other materials.

Why is fixing a smile gap with a dental implant important? Dental implants are the only tooth replacement options which avoid the gum and bone recession which occurs after tooth loss. The titanium in the implant device attracts the bone cells in the jaw, allowing them to adhere to the implant and transforming it into an actual tooth root. The more the implant is used, the stronger that bond becomes.


The treatment timeline

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry wisely explains that treatment looks different for each implant candidate and that treatment takes time. So, expect a few months between initial implant surgery and the final bonding of the single implant's metal post and porcelain crown. Proper osseointegration is a long process, but the wait is so worthwhile. After all, the life expectancy of a single-tooth implant, or multiple implants used to support dentures or bridges, is decades-long!


Caring for dental implants

Each dental implant patient must take oral hygiene seriously. While dental implants cannot develop cavities as natural teeth do, a deadly infection called peri-implantitis threatens implant retention. Peri-implantitis resembles periodontal disease and causes implant mobility and degradation of underlying bone and gum tissue. So, it is essential to maintain a schedule of twice-daily brushing and flossing as well as to regularly follow any special hygiene instructions that Dr. Pechloff and his team give you.

Additionally, if you smoke or use chewing tobacco, seriously consider quitting these harmful habits. They reduce the chances of implant success, too.


Rebuild your smile

Find out more about dental implants with a personalized consultation with Dr. James Pechloff. He will give you an honest appraisal of your tooth replacement options, and if dental implants are right for you, expect a comfortable and successful care plan which fully meets your smile goals. Call the office today for an appointment: (414) 475-5505.